July 2011

Psalm 92:15

In their old age they will bear fruit; they will become fat and luxuriant.

Phil’s Reflections: A crisp clear summer day! The sky is deep blue, the light casts strong shadows, the wind dances with the branches of the cherry tree, heavy with clusters of ripe red fruit.


June 2011

Psalm 26:6

I wash my hands in newness and circle into your altar YHVH.


Phil’s Reflections: OK … so I moved the frame every so slightly to the left, to get a different point of view, to capture the bird perched in a circle of sky.


May 2011

Psalm 104:12

The bird of the sky dwells near them, between the foliage it will give out voice.

Phil’s Reflections:

It finally feels like spring. The sky was a mix of blue, white and grey. I waited for the sunlight to hit the cherry blossoms, and for a visitor to fly into the frame. Next month the empress tree will show off it’s new crop of purple flowers.

April 2011


Psalm 55:7

And I say: if I had pinions of the dove I would fly skyward and find a place of rest.


Phil’s Reflections:

I was thankful for blue sky … finally … a bit of sun, and a gentle breezeThis morning felt like a breather from the constantly morphing grey clouds, rain, hail and strong winds.

March 2011

Psalm 92:15

In their old age they will bear fruit; fat and luxuriant they will grow to be.

Phil’s Reflections:

Today was a quiet Shabbat morning.   Cool grey clouds shifting slowly through the frame.  Very few visitors, just a couple birds.

February 2011

Psalm 62:6

Surely, for God my soul is still; my hope comes from Her.


Phil’s Reflections:

I was looking forward to this photo session.  A quiet Saturday morning … grey still skies, not hot or cold, restful.  A few visitors travelled through “my” frame.  Nothing too eventful.